Victor AD Releases New Single ‘Dangerous’

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        Victor AD is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, and performing artist released his latest single, “Dangerous”. While many of his previous songs have been upbeat and energetic, “Dangerous” is a more introspective and contemplative track. In it, Victor AD reflects on the girl of his dreams and how she seems to elude him, causing him emotional turmoil. The song’s melancholic and confessional tone allows the singer to connect with his audience on a deeper level, as he candidly reveals his innermost thoughts and feelings.

        Despite its sombre mood, “Dangerous” is still a very versatile and well-crafted song. The Kulboy production is top-notch, with a smooth and seductive beat that perfectly complements Victor AD’s emotive vocals. The song also showcases the singer’s impressive range, as he effortlessly shifts between melodic verses and powerful choruses.

        Overall, “Dangerous” is a great example of Victor AD’s ability to create compelling and emotionally resonant music. It highlights his versatility as an artist and confirms his status as one of the most exciting voices in the Nigerian music scene.

        Listen to Dangerous here.

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