Sri Lanka: Protesters Take Over Country

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        A viral footage has shown the interesting moment some angry protesters in Sri Lanka took over the swimming pool inside the palace of their president. The president, Gotabaya Rajapaksa was at about the same time ferried to safety, boarding a naval craft in Colombo which took him away after which he announced his plans to resign on July 13th.


        Why Sri Lankans are protesting 

        The protest in Sri Lanka was occasioned by severe economic hardships, the BBC reports. The hardships have been described as excruciating and the worse since 1948.

        It came to a head after the angry protesters stormed the presidential palace, forcefully gained entrance and set the prime minister’s house on fire.

        Protesters enjoy inside president’s swimming pool, House And Office.

        After taking over the palace, some of the angry citizens were seen swimming voraciously in the pool located in the palace. The Blue Print reports that some of them also gained entrance into the stately bedrooms and played inside as well as made tea for themselves.


        Instagram users react

        @osowoiam said:

        “Just sad how bad leaders in power, never want to leave until forces out. The people don’t like quietly step aside, and let the systems continue or be changed in peace.”

        @srisarcasm commented:

        “Thank you all please give more power to Sri Lanka. More power to the people.” 



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