Some Reasons Why Tinubu May Be Unseated as President of Nigeria.

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        Ahmed Tinubu

        Some critical factors why Tinubu may be unseated as president of Nigeria.

        As the presidential election petition tribunal reaches the penultimate stages, all eyes are on the five-member panel of the appellate court to give its final verdict after admitting several pieces of evidence, listening to witnesses and the petitioners’ arguments.

        However, Nigerians are on high alert, filled with anxiety but patiently waiting for the ruling of the most critical and crucial court case in the history of Nigeria’s democracy.

        President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, on the other hand, seems somewhat unpredictable, following a series of petitions filed against him and the evidence presented before the presidential election tribunal.

        However, his seat in Aso Rock is yet to be guaranteed as strong allegations against him, and evidence might prove pivotal to the tribunal’s final judgement.

        Alleged drug trafficking. 

        This has been a long-standing issue for President Tinubu as both Atiku Abubakar and Peter Obi filed this petition against him at the presidential election tribunal.

        It was gathered that Tinubu’s legal team admitted at the tribunal that their client forfeited $460,000 to the American government over the offence of narcotics trafficking and money laundering.

        In the final address of Atiku, it was clearly stated that on account of this admittance, Tinubu had:

        “No basis for contesting for Nigeria’s Presidency, let alone being declared as the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.” 

        Dual Citizenshi. 

        An earlier report  revealed that the legal team of President Tinubu admitted that he held the citizenry passport of another country.

        However, their argument in court stated that President Tinubu had forfeited his citizenry since 2020. The petition in court holds the argument that it was a gross violation of the electoral act that should be considered to disqualify him.

        Niger Coup and ECOWAS struggle.

        Questionable conduct of the election by INEC. 

        • Atiku won 21 states as stipulated by INEC. 

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