“She’ll Go Home Soon”. Reactions as Beauty breaks up with Groovy

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        The fact that Big Brother Naija Level-Up housemate Beauty has one strike did not stop her from expressing her anger after the party on Saturday August 6. The ex Miss Nigeria went on a rant and broke up with her in-house boyfriend Groovy for dancing with Chomzy at the party.


        In series of clips that have gone viral, Beauty was seen yelling at Groovy and she revealed that she had told him he could dance with anyone except Chomzy.

        Groovy in the garden obviously seeing no wrong in what he did asked why his partner was insecure and Beauty yanked off her wig and hit him with it. Groovy eventually revealed to some of his colleagues that he didn’t actually dance with Chomzy but she came to meet him and it would not have been proper to push her away. The other housematec could not relax through the fight in the house as many of them tried to placate Beauty while Groovy noted that the problem is that she doesn’t trust him.

        Nigerians react to Beauty’s rant


        “If beauty is not careful, Omo she go house by disqualification o.”


        “This anger is no longer for TV! This is deadly!! It needs to be stopped asap before someone gets hurt!!!! It’s not funny!” 


        “Cyph doing what Groovy should have done. She is high hence the heightened emotions. She just needs some form of validation. I don’t think groovy is matured enough to handle her immaturity. Then again, it’s just a game abi.” 


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