Remnants of Man Found in His House 4 Years After He Died. No Relations?

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        Remnants of a decomposed body of a man found in the bedroom of his house after four years


        He was last seen by neighbours four years ago during one of his occasional trip to Ibadan from Port Harcourt in Rivers State where he resides at the time.


        And nobody knew about the incident until this week when the community decided to enter into the compound to cut the overgrown grass inside his compound which has become a haven for snakes and rodents.


        The people who were contracted for the job of cutting down the grass in the deceased compound were told to jump into the compound since the gate of the house were locked from behind only for them to find out that the car of the house owner is in the premises and has been covered with grass.


        After managing to cut down the bush , they peeped at the window of the building and saw the skeleton of the decomposed corpse on his bed with a phone in his hand.


        Source: Trenders TV (


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