New Update On The Murder Of South African Rapper AKA.

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        The South African police have shared new updates on the shooting and killing of multiple award-winning rapper AKA.

        The South African police, according to BBC News, has revealed that evidence gathered and uncovered so far has shed more light into the brutal killing and shooting of multiple award-winning rapper AKA who was killed outside a restaurant in Durban at the age of 35.

        The police confirmed in a press conference that the rapper was assassinated when he was shot at a point blank rage by a shooter outside a restaurant in Durban. They however confirmed that the shooters had been identified even though no arrest had been made yet.

        The BBC News stated:


        “No arrests have yet been made.

        But police say they know the identities of the “two shooters”, and are still checking the identities of all of those at the scene in Durban that night.

        Investigators are now using the suspects’ data to piece together their communication and movements in the run-up to the killings.”

        Police Chief Gen Mkhwanazi also added:

        “We know that the aim was to first kill AKA, and the second suspect could have killed any other [person] because they fired a couple of shots – so anybody who was on the way could have been hit,”

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