“I make N80,000 to N100,0000 Every Week From My Job As an Uber driver”- Olukoya

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        Olukoya, The chatty undergraduate of Lagos State University is surmounting the odds to take her share of the industry.

        How on earth did she convince someone to allow her to drive his/her car on the platform remains a topic for another day.

        What is important is that she has taken on the job head-on. And she says her folks are very comfortable with her choice of ‘hustle.’

        She said

        “Well, aside from the fact that there is no job anywhere in the country, I love the flexible work schedule as I plan to resume my studies soon. I’d be funding it myself, I needed to be on the platform that can enable me to do both and thanks to Uber, I got my answer.” 

        In a job dominated by men, Olukoya does not feel intimidated. She says her biggest supporters are men.

        She further stressed:

        “In fact, the level of respect they (men) show throughout the trip is amazing. I’ll give that to most of our men. We have really good and funny chats on general topics but nothing unpleasant occurred so far”. 

        Olukoya express her dismay about her fellow women who tend not to have confidence in her

        She said:

        “But others (mostly women) have had to cancel on me because as soon as my picture appears on my profile, they already believe I am incompetent even without having met me. And the reason they do that remains unknown to me.

        “And that makes me really uncomfortable because I feel like women as a community should always have each others’ back no matter what. And this I even like I am at least doing something to help make the world one less of an idle mind and all I ask is a little encouragement from fellow women”. 

        Olukoya says she targets from N80,000 to N100,000 weekly from her job.

        She says she is happy because she helps to facilitate the movement of riders within Lagos while making some money as well.


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