Hermes and Allysyn’s relationship sink.

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        Hermes and Allysyn’s relationship came as a shock to most Housemates as she initially expressed that she could not have anything to do with Hermes because he was in a polyamorous relationship.

        He eventually grew on her, but now Allysyn is having second thoughts. Last night she expressed her fears about their relationship with Hermes; Allysyn feels like she has more to lose. She stated that she has no problem with an open relationship. However, she does not think they can share a bond outside the Level Up House.

        Hermes affirmed Allysyn by validating her feelings. He told her that she didn’t owe him her life and that he only cared about her happiness. Hermes further touched on the fact that Allysyn could not accept his entire truth: having two girlfriends outside the House and their relationship dynamics.

        While Allysyn is content with what they have in the Big Brother Naija House, she is closed off to being with Hermes outside.

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