24-Year-Old Nigerian Lady Offers to Donate Her Kidney to Ekweremadu’s Daughter

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        Annastasia Micheal, a 24-year-old Nigerian lady has made an open declaration of her intention to give one of her kidneys to Ekweremadu’s daughter.


        This comes after Sonia Ekweremadu, 25, made an appeal to the public to come to her aid with a kidney donation in order to see her life.

        on Monday, September 12, Annastasia said she made up her mind to do it in a bid to showcase that women can help women.


        While stating that she wants nothing in return, the lady thought Sonia should not suffer for the sins of her father. Annastasia said she had sent a mail to the email address Sonia provided and is awaiting a response. Her post read in full:

        “Kidney donation To Sonia Ekweremadu. “I (Annastasia Michael olamma) want to donate one of my Kidney to sonia Ekweremadu to save her life. I have made up my mind to do this to prove women can help women. “If any of her relatives mum,dad, siblings , cannot give out their kidney to save their Bloodline then i will donate my own to save Sonia And i demand nothing in return. I pray it matches with her own. 

        “I have sent message to her email @helpsonialive@gmail.com and anticipate for her reply . “May God heal you.” 

        Social media react.

        Chikezie Madukwe reacted:

        The way you really need to travel outside Nigeria, Plan it well and not through every little opportunity that pulped out. From Aguba now to Sonia…..Na wa ooooooh.”

        Sonia Jimoh:

        My sister, you are looking for an opportunity to go outside country,mark my words you are going no where We die here with Uncle ( bu bu).”

        Ernest Mathew :

        WOW tears role down from my eyes this lady you truly have a good heart what is there in this life all is VanityAnnastasia Micheal you have a good heart God will bless you.”

        Umukoro Abigail:

        Even de Sonia’s family members could not help her by taking de risk of donating theirs na con u stranger. “Anyway good luck as u embark on de journey.” 

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