Nigeria Will Be Worse if Peter Obi Becomes President – Reno Omokri

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Nigeria will become worse if Peter Obi Becomes President

Reno Omokri – Nigeria will become worse if Peter Obi Becomes President.


Reno Omokri, a former presidential media aide, has predicted that if Peter Obi becomes the next president, his administration will be worse than Muhammadu Buhari’s government. Omokri, a supporter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) made the prediction in a series of tweets on Twitter.

In his words:

“As bad as Nigeria now is, it will be worse under Obi. Peter’s horde are most intolerant. Datti Baba Ahmed is an excellent choice. He is not cut from their cloth. The Obi mob can’t tolerate what Buhari tolerates. I shudder to think of a Nigeria under their rule! 

“If you are an independent, ask yourself how many critics Buhari has silenced? He has his issues, but compare Buhari, not just to Obi. Compare him to those around Peter. Would you like to be governed by such a bunch? Would you be free? Would all citizens be equal? “These Obi hordes do not want to replace Buhari’s rule with good governance. They want to replace it with their own tyranny. They want a Nigeria governed by their personality cult, where if you are not with Peter, you are an enemy of Nigeria, to be cancelled out!” 

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Peter Obi’s supporters reach to Reno Omokri’s post.

Supporters of Obi have, however, responded to the comments of Omokri, with many of them disagreeing with his assertions.

Immaculate Chigozie Obi Azubike wrote: 

“You live abroad enjoying the good things life has to offer there then wishing us living in Nigeria to continue with the suffering pro max we’ve been into for the past 8 years. With all due respect sir, don’t let me swear for you.” 

Desmond Azaku wrote:

“Sir, you can successfully do your campaign without mentioning Peter Obi. Our major problem is that you try to label him not fit for the presidency.”

Samuel Chinanu Ubani:

“It’s high time we stopped deceiving ourselves. If we want positivity, let it begin with us. Thought you were rooting for Peter Obi and all of a sudden, you’ve sidelined him. One thing I’ve always known is that the problem of man is MAN himself.” 


July 8, 2022

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