Gabon Coup: Brice Nguema To Conduct New Election

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Gabon Coup

Coup Leader Brice Nguema Gives Fresh Update on Conducting New Election.

Coup leader General Brice Nguema, the freshly inaugurated interim leader of the Republic of Gabon, has promised to conduct a free and fair election for the citizens. As reported by BBC, Nguema stated this during his inauguration speech but failed to mention when he would transition power back to civilian rule.

The inauguration of General Nguema means the 55-year Bongo dynasty would continue as he is the first cousin of the ousted President Ali Bongo, who was displaced from power last week.

Bongo was in his 14th year as President of Gabon, a seat he took over after the demise of his father, Omar Bongo, who was at the helm of affairs for 41 years.

In his speech, he referenced the names of African greats like South African’s Archbishop Desmond Tutu, former Ghanaian leader Jerry Rawlings, and French statesman Charles Fe Gaulle.

September 4, 2023

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