‘There is Always Light Eventually’ – Story of a Struggling Young Lady

‘There is Always Light Eventually’ – Story of a Struggling Young Lady.

A Struggling Young Lady – The female gender, supposedly the most adorable of the human race has suffered gender disadvantages over time. According to BMC Public Health, these range from less access to scarce resources, poorer health care, higher child mortality, limited education, less employment outside of the home and circumscribed autonomy.

Today we share with you the Story of A Struggling Young Lady who remained steadfast despite daring challenges.

She goes by the binomial nomenclature, Mimidoo Kyunda and she is from Benue state, Nigeria.

Challenges faced by the girl child
Mimi Glowing in a Black Dress

In our bid not to exaggerate or alter the story in any way, we serve it direct from the horse’s mouth. In Mimi’s words:

Background & Early Education

My name is Mimidoo Mavis Kyunda, i hail from Ukum Local Government, Benue State. I rank number 3 out of 5 siblings. I come from a humble family where my parents were & are not rich but very okay & contented. They gave/give me the necessary parental love, care & support every parent is expected to give to their child.

I was born on the 18th Day of November, 1991 & did my primary & secondary education in Zaki-Biam in Ukum Local Government area, Benue state.

Girl child struggle
Mimidoo Kyuda Looking Happy in a Dazzling Red Dress

Higher Education

I left home as young as 17-18 years to further my education in Makurdi (the Benue State Capital) where I was offered admission to study Law in the famous Benue State University (BSU). I had a lot of academic challenges which delayed me but eventually graduated & got admission into the Nigerian Law School to study the practical aspect of Law in 2016. At the Law School too, I was also delayed but as God’s time is always the best; I was finally Called to Bar on the 29th November, 2018. While the delay in Law School was on, I was also doing the compulsory National Youth Service which I completed in October, 2018.

Mimidoo kyunda aide to Richard Gbande


Currently, I work in National Assembly as a Legislative Aide to the Honourable Member representing Katsina-Ala/Ukum/Logo Federal Constituency.

there's always light eventually
Mimi in her Office
Mimidoo at NASS
Mimidoo and Her Boss at The National Assembly
Mimidoo kyunda
A Struggling Young Lady
Boss lady
Mimidoo on a happy working day

Parting Words/Advice

My life has been full of struggles but God has been faithful. I advice everyone out there to hold unto God as he alone is mighty and can do all things. Above all, be thankful to him in every situation because he is the Way Maker & the Master Planner. It may seem dim but trust me, there’s always light eventually.

Mimidoo kyunda, a lawyer
Mimidoo in Corporate Attire


Thank you for reading. You may as well want to inspire someone with our Store of a Struggling Young Lady. You can do this by simply sharing it with your friends and family on all platforms.

Feel free to ask questions where necessary and we will definitely attend to all of them.

Stay blessed

We love you!

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  1. Focus and determination coupled with our faith in God takes us beyond our limits of human expectations. To many of us; her lifestyle is inspiring and worth of emulation. I will advice both men and women alikes to copy her life style of not losing hope in whatever then intend do because of challenges/failures along the way. John Mason once said that those fail do not realized how close they were to success when they gave up. More of God’s success opportunities for you my dear Legal Sister Barr Kyunda.

  2. Kai my sister, I’m proud of you,, I wish you more blessings from God,, patient attracts happiness and it can bring near that which is far from us,,with God all things are possible.. Thanks

  3. This is interesting, there is always challenges in every thing you. One thing that makes the difference is tenacity. The sky is your starting point.

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