“Depression Is Now a Past” Says Pretty Albino Lady

Depression is now a past

Depression is now a past – written by Shimbe Avalumun Queen. Popularly known as Queen Lyon’s, this gorgeous is not just an albino child but one with a special difference. This ‘born different’ seem to understand the concept of happiness from the best perspective: happiness is something you create for yourself. The Benue state university student is a courageous lady who has proven to be large at heart.

Depression is now a past author queen Lyons shimbe
Queen Avalumunter having nice time out

The Benue born has been enjoying a good followership on social media lately. This come from people who enjoy the confidence & self love exhibited in her posts. It helps them discover the need to not love themselves less. Irrespective of who they are and also to accept the inevitable in good faith.

In this piece, our celebrity albino with a special difference decided to pen down a special one on depression.

How to cure yourself of depression
Queen Lyön’s looking dope in black and blonde

Depression Is Now a Past by Shimbe Avalumun Queen

On the night of February 14, I laid on my bed going through the pictures I snapped earlier. Pictures with my friend innocent  also known as kizito.

So many captions ran through my mind with hot tears running down my cheeks 😭.  Should I write of evil that the world has done to me or write about the vengeance I seek? I consoled myself and wrote about friends that left .

After few minutes I slept off. I woke the next morning and logged into my Facebook and saw a countless number of notifications, comments, messages and shares on different pages on Facebook, WhatsApp statuses and on and so many people’s timeline all in honor of the post I made last night. I was surprised 😱. I managed to reply the ones I could.

After which I returned to the numerous messages I had in my DM (Direct Message). I had conversations with so many people, some for only that day. While others are permanent friends even as I speak. But to Crown 👑 it all I met Emmanuella Erdoo JamesHedwig Michael Winifred. These two people spoke to me in a way no one has ever spoken to me before. I was fed with positive words with genuine actions to back off all they told me assisted me in every way I needed comfort.

My mind, body, feelings, emotions and actions changed within a few days. I noticed the first change when I became fearless and I only listened to negative words but never allow them to get into me. Life turned easy and comfortable for me and today I am no longer an albino child who is depressed, sad and hostile.

I have also learnt it is better to share your pains with people when you can no longer handle it than swim in the pool of negative vibes that will lead to suicide 😭🙏. The fear of people sharing your story and people making you a laughing stock will never exceed 7days. But if this same people are the ones that change your negative vibes then you stand a greater chance.

Depression is now a past says albino with a special difference
Queen Lyön’s celebrating Nigeria’s 59th Independence day

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Albino and happy
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  1. For me life is all easy when you change your thoughts and actions negatively 🙏

    It ny sincere appreciation to prime wave media for making me an icon on her page for the third time, i pray the world will celebrate me so day and prime wave media will never be left out of my success story Amen

    Long live PRIME WAVE MEDIA
    Long live NIGERIA 🇳🇬
    Long live AFRICA

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