Woman Crush Wednesday

#WCW: Avalumunter “Queen Lyons” Shimbe

A Brief Biography Of Queen Lyon’s, Albino With A Special Difference

Our Woman Crush Wednesday for this week is no other than Albino With A Special Difference, rare gem and beauty.

Avalumun queen shimbe
Queen in a photoshoot

Born on the 3rd day of August 1999, Shimbe Avalumunter Queen hails from Vandekya local government area is of Benue state Nigeria. Queen is a popular face model and currently the official face of the make up brand, Trish Make-ups.

Beautiful albino braided by black pretty girl
Hairdo pose

Avalumunter Queen Attended Government secondary School Gboko, and is presently studying sociology at Benue State University Makurdi.

Wan Shimbe avalumun quenn
Happy soul in a Casual outdoor photo

The bold Queen Lyon’s is a proud African albino child who has stood out to be different (Albino With A Special Difference). She has a positive mind by paying deaf ears to what the world thinks or treats the albino child. Queen posses her uniqueness not as a God over others but a perfect image of nature and beauty.

Official face of Trish make up
Queen Lyons

Her flair for fashion modelling and photography led to her win at the Studio i60 Photo Battle first edition.

I60 photo battle winner
A pose for Studio i60

The Queen Inspires

Queen Lyons has been a strong advocate of self acceptance. She shares very encouraging messages on her Facebook page that serve to inspire people to love themselves just the way they are rather than hanging their happiness on validations from others.

Albino preaching self love
Model Queen

In one of such motivating pieces, in a message, she wrote:

Friends left because I did not look the way they wanted me to. But they never made any effort to make me look like who they wanted😭😭

The story behind the spots is untold but I really wish my face could be spotless as my hands.
But I believe my spots will one day go when I gat the money to take good care of me.
I might not be presentable🙈
I might not be your favourite💯
Might not be beautiful 👩
I might not fit your standard👓⌚👔👕👖👗👜👚👢👡👠👒👟🎩
But my God had a purpose for creating me this why( favoured) thats why I have never regretted been an albino because am blessed in many ways I can’t easily find around me✌✌
The weak smile on my face defines my pain😭😭 but it gives me strength because
there are people out there who have got to know me behind my glow but still love me❤❤

This is the real me no edits💯
Albino child💜

Albino model pose
Beautiful colors in one photo

Queen Lyons social page is highly recommended for everyone, especially those suffering from low self esteem. Go follow her on Facebook and live your happiness to the fullest.

Rare albino with swag
Avalumun in an outdoor shoot

We take this day out to celebrate a beauty and brain, Queen Lyons. Keep being a blessing to your generation.

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  1. I am celebrated on this humble platform for the second time,I am grateful to God who has given me the strength to ignore the human evil, to my friends who has always stood by me and encouraged me in one way or the other, to my parents who has brought me to life and trained me to be an icon I pray that you celebrate me someday in the nearest fulture.
    I also pray this humble platform reach out to more amazing souls and be recognized for good.
    I must say am pleased to be on this page and I wish the voice of the albino child be heard
    Long live PRIME WAVE MEDIA
    Long live NIGERIA
    Long live Africa
    Long live SLIM MAYO

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