Denen Daniel “Denny Daniels” Iyornumbe Biography

Denen Daniel “Denny Daniels” Iyornumbe Biography

Denny Daniels (born Denen Daniel Iyornumbe) is a Nigerian filmmaker & music video director without restrictions on what he can do. He handles virtually what he is asked to do on a set, minus sound recording and light. On those he only instructs technicians what his expectations are. Denny was a music artiste for at least 3 years before his decision to face movie making full time.


Denen studied Theater and Communication at the University of Jos in Plateau state.

Life & Career


Denny was music artiste for over 3 years. This period saw him as a top performer (dancer/singer) and an award winner. He got a dubious music manager in Lagos who extorted him of loads of cash. He then abandoned music to concentrate on movies which was and still his first love.

Till date Denny still plays a key role in the music industry as a music video director.


Iyornumbe graduated with the intent of being a film director and nothing more. Due to the challenges he saw in the industry, he decided to acquire new skills.

His first 10 projects were with kids. That is why Denny is not the shouting angry director. He can be really gentle with actors, only getting aggressive when faced with indiscipline on set.

Denny decided to learn how to edit when no one was giving him the kind of cuts he needed in videos. Director Denny was made to study how to handle a camera when even DOPs argued about shots he wanted them to capture.

He worked at CAS MEDIA Entertainment owned by Emmanuel Walters. Denny sees Walter as a real mentor who encouraged him to develop in his skills.

D Touch Productions

Denen Daniels later founded D touch productions to do his personal productions as people’s jobs were not challenging enough. He felt a need to break from the norm.

Denen Daniel "Denny Daniels" Iyornumbe Biography
Denny Daniels

Director Denny Daniels started shooting videos on his platform. He shot his first personal movie “AWAMBE“. The project essentially released for over 3 years ago. Due to the fall of Tiv movies the challenges resulted to making it all non economical for gains. However, D Touch is now releasing them every weekend on D Touch Magic Channel on YouTube.


In his career, Denny has worked with over 3 governors on their documentaries that have been aired on TV.

He has also done several movies and music videos with some notable acts

Below is a list of some of the videos handled/directed/produced/edited by Denny Daniels  for D Touch Productions

Title                                      Category

War To Live         –               Movie

Awambe             –                Movie

Fan Or Hater by Mcdow  – Music

Kpamor           –                    Movie

Stay                 –                    Movie

Ghetto Life by VMusic   –  Music

Angela                –                Movie

Sex Doll by Mcdow      –     Music


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