What 2baba, Timaya, MI & Don Jazzy Have In Common That Will Inspire You.

There is One thing in common with your stars, 2baba, Timaya & MI that you don't know

What 2baba, Timaya, MI & Don Jazzy Have In Common That Will Inspire You.

What your stars have in common will definitely inspire you. Stars do come and go, these with others have been doing just great. We want to talk about the qualities these four have that keep them going for decades… What Your Stars Have In Common

2babaWhat keeps 2baba going

Innocent ‘2baba’ Idibia broke records with his debut solo album Face2Face  released in the year 2014. African Queen became first African music played on MTV, also used as soundtrack for the Hollywood movie Fat Girls.

2baba‘s stardom did not enjoy only awards, international collaborations and endorsements but also pregnancies. He won himself quite a number of children from numerous women.

The humility exhibited by the former Plantashun Boyz lead vocalist, calmness in handling and reacting to issues is what has earned him so much respect in the industry. He accepts jokes about his high level of fertility in putting about half a dozen ladies in a family way almost within the same range of time without seeming tiredness.

The comedy industry made a killing with this story. In a show he brought on stage Bridget Kelly to premier their new song “Let Somebody Love You“, his fans marveled at the beauty and jokingly shouted in one voice “no give dis one belleooo” and he jokingly replied the star:

“habaa Una know say i Don stop all those tins na”.

He is not known for feud posts on his social pages, practices what he preach; PEACE, through simplicity and humility. His fans connect very well with him basically because of his realness. In “Nfana Ibaga” off his debut, he said this about his education:

“just bcos of say i no finish school some people dey take me for a fool”.

Innocent doesn’t hide his flaws to appear holy before men. When he proposed a national protest against the state of leadership, a certain politician felt a twinge. He called out the star peace advocate on his social media page, in well written English, mentioning areas he considered as 2baba‘s weaknesses. He called him an illiterate who engages himself in unprotected sex. The savage forgot to remember that the musician has put all that and more in his songs. It wasn’t long before he realized his mistake. He felt the wrath of Nigerians and apologized through the same media.

When his former band brother, Blackface fired a shot at him on social media, he reacted to it in an interview where he said “Only Blackface can explain the problem he has with me

TimayaTimaya happy and humble now than before

Enitimi Alfred Odom popularly known as Timaya is our next on What Your Stars Have In Common. The singer had so many controversies following his break into fame. This ranged from proud and discerning lyrics to physical assault on a camera man. The Egberi papa 1 of Beyelsa was also allegedly involved in a public fight with girlfriend, Empress Njamah back then. His songs attracted lots of replies, responses and disses from other artistes.

The Plantain Boy suddenly rid off  all that militant lifestyle. This lover of Ukwu and unarguably the king of Naija dancehall music is currently one of the most humble celebrities.

In a Star Trek Show in Makurdi while on stage, the Papi Chulo went on his kneels thanking fans. He appreciated their support through buying his CDs from the initial stage, an act to which he attributed his success. He also prayed God to help every one reach his or her goals in life.

The Egberi papa 1 of Bayelsa has also proven to be honest. In God You Are Too Much the singer talks about how they wanted him to study and become a banker. He further states

I decide to go school my brother i no fit eh… Book no enter my head, my brother Mek e no be by force”

M lWhat keeps M I going

Jude ‘M I’ Abaga broke into the industry in 2008 and for the records, he took the Nigerian hip hop genre commercial. He was signed to Chocolatecity Music, due to his prowess in the music business was made the CEO in 2015.

In his debut album “Talk About It” he titled a song with reference to his height; Short Black Boy. When he went at dagger’s drawn with Kelly Handsome in musical diss, they both fire shots at each other. Kelly likened MI‘s height to that of a maltana bottle. Did it even scratch it? It didn’t really.

M I is the most respected Nigerian rapper who is being looked up to as  role model. At some point he focused on nurturing the younger artiste that he even forgot to make his own album. His fans became very uncool with this and kept asking for it. He yielded to their pressure at a show where, he knelt down and gave them an album release date. What he went and employed all efforts, synergized with other artistes and delivered as promised.

DON JAZZYDon't jazzy's humility

Nigerian born Michael Collins Ajereh popularly known as Don Jazzy is an entrepreneur, record producer, songwriter, singer and performer. He was a founding member of the defunct Mo Hits Records. He moved on to create Mavin Records which is currently one of the biggest music record in Africa.

Though Michael was not known much for singing at the initial stage he did background vocals for some of the songs he produced. Don Baba was the producer behind most D’Banj‘s hit songs, Wande Coal’s Music2Mohits and most songs from the records. Jazzy has in his CV Jay Z, Beyonce and Kanye West to his production credit. He has won Best Producer award for countless times due to his prowess in beat making.

During the 2015 Headies Awards, an argument erupted between Don Jazzy and Olamide who both have their boys nominated for same award category. The latter shoved all manners to the backseat and unleashed some disrespectful words to the former on twitter. Michael Collins however did not reply. The argument was later settled with the intervention of the African business mogul, Aliko Dangote.

The Mavin boss’ charity and humility is highly in notice by many, his social media followers are so much aware. Doro boss shares airtime sometimes and even send money to his followers in need. Michael doesn’t resent jokes, he rather replies them meekly in their numbers as he could. He is the first to share any caricature, meme or anything making him look funny, hereby promoting he brains behind such ideas. Don baba also sings about his big nose, jokes about being single at his age and talks about his crush on Rihanna.

What Your Stars Have In Common

Here is what your stars have in common:

They have all accepted their individual natures. These stars own up their mistakes and apologize where necessary. They have embraced humility. Above all, they are on top of their games. Kings they are!


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