I Was Present But Did Not Get The Wedding Food. Why?

I Was Present But Not Served Wedding Food

Have you ever being present but not served wedding food at a solemnization ceremony? There is some thing special about wedding food. It could be in the taste… I don’t know. Most people don’t just seem  to be all happy when they don’t get a bite of the delicacy served at the occasion.

Very often wedding guests don’t get served the item 7 evenly. I can remember attending a wedding with a friend and took a nice position for a seat during the reception. However, we became invincible and our voices inaudible when the time came for the  climax of the event, the ‘Item 7’.  My friend and i frowned at the circumstance we found ourselves in – having to make noticeable efforts to get a plate of wedding rice. The food was going round though in a zigzag fashion as some table were skipped for reasons best known to the food department.

About two years later it was my friends wedding and i saw him doing his best to see that every guest get a bite of at least one of the varieties of what was available. At some point he had left absent mindedly left a photo pose the check tables guests whose faces lacked smiles.

Could it be that the guests beat the couple’s expectation?

Could it be that some of the guests, especially first  served, turn out to take more food than was expected of them?

Or is it the people saddled with responsibility of sharing the food that adopt their own formula for sharing?

What could be the solution?

Once again, have you ever being present but not served wedding food at a wedding?

We would like to hear your opinion on the wedding food issue. Kindly leave a comment below.


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