Aborted Baby Dumped At Benue State Library, Makurdi (Graphic images)

Residents of the Awe street/Benue state library woke up to find an aborted baby dumped by.

Aborted Baby Dumped At Benue State Library In Makurdi The State Capital

Aborted Baby Dumped At Benue Library. – It was indeed a shock for the residents of Awe street and the entire Makurdi state library area. They woke up to find a grown fetus about it full maturity dumped beside the state Library. Many could not stand the sight of the innocent baby whose dreams got caught shut before his earthly arrival. Some could not hold back lamentations which where birthed from the recess of their hearts, out of emotions and empathy. The scene attracted many people including passer by’s who joined in and helplessly watched as the innocent gift laid cold. With many wondering why would a lady carry a fetus for almost nine months in her womb which is the gestation period for humans and suddenly decide to do away with it in the most inhumane manner. Emotions were heated to the highest point. Curses flying left and right like arrows, aiming at whoever the perpetrator of such gruesomely evil act will be.

A Facebook user, Michael Nguveren took to her page where she shared the disturbing photos with a caption in reaction to the act. She wrote:

My Benue people stop these
Just happened at state library
Wurukum makurdi
Stop Abortion
Keep ur baby
Why will u throw ur child away

See screenshot from Michael Nguveren’s post below:

Screenshot of a post about aborted baby dumped at the venue library

See graphical photos as the innocent fetus lay without life below:

Aborted baby dumped at venue library

Innocent fetus laying lifeless

Perhaps, the use of a protective coat such as the N50 Gold Circle durex condom Would have saved this bloodshed. Or maybe, after it has passed that stage, a dose of postinor pills could have taken care of the unwanted semen before it transformed into something more serious. Now that the worse has happened, it is no longer any of her business how people react to her decision.


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