Chinese Contractors Compelled To Offer Blood Sacrifices Before Going On With Nigerian Railway Project (photo)

Chinese Contractors Offer Blood Sacrifices To Gods Of the land to enable them continue with federal project.

An Asian construction company known as China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation was faced with a shocking situation. They were asked to appease to the gods of the land before continuing construction work. This became necessary as their hard work stopped showing any visible progress on the ground. China Civil as  they are fondly called, who is handling the construction of modernized railway project came across this challenge around Adunbu village, Ewekoro in Ogun state. The Lagos – Ibadan section of the project was faced with the risk of coming to a halt if the gods are not answered. Without any other option, it became unavoidable to appease the gods of the land with animal blood as the only condition for the work to go on successfully.

On the fateful day, the Chinese staff of the company showed up on site as early as possible. The venue was the affected section of the construction site. They came with three sheeps in the rear of their Hilux trucks. All the animals were brought down to the ground and slaughtered by their Nigerian employees. The sheeps were allowed to go cold in their pool of blood while they took pictures of them. The lifeless mamals were then packed back into the trunks of the  vehicles and they left the same way they came.

See on the scene photos as Chinese Contractors Offer Blood Sacrifices to gods of the land in Nigeria in order to continue work:

Chinese Contractors Offer Blood Sacrifices on Nigerian project

Sheep offering on railway project

China civil offer blood sacrifices to appease gods

They carried out all the sacrifices without hesitations even though they have a different culture.

Let us discuss here briefly

The questions as concerned and progressive citizens of the country are as follows:

What if they refused to participate in the offering of blood sacrifices?

What if the act is against their tradition and belief? after all, they are Asians

Will the gods of the land deny it people development because of animal blood?

Take a second and leave your take on this below.



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