“Friends left because I did not look the way they wanted me to.” Pretty Lady With Albinism Cries Out (Photos)

“Friends left because I did not look the way they want” – Pretty Lady With Albinism Cries Out

Lady With Albinism Cries Out – This pretty young lady is not blaming her creator for who she is. Not even how she looks. A strong woman. Born with a condition defined by Wiktionary as the congenital lack of melanin pigmentation in the skin, eyes and hair. However, Queen sees herself as unique and God’s special design. Of course that is the way it is supposed to be with every human, unfortunately not all love themselves. On her Facebook page Queen Lyöns she shared the strong message which serves to help people accept their nature without resentments.

She wrote:

Friends left because I did not look the way they wanted me to. But they never made any effort to make me look like who they wanted😭😭

The story behind the spots is untold but I really wish my face could be spotless as my hands.
But I believe my spots will one day go when I gat the money to take good care of me.
I might not be presentable🙈
I might not be your favourite💯
Might not be beautiful 👩
I might not fit your standard👓⌚👔👕👖👗👜👚👢👡👠👒👟🎩
But my God had a purpose for creating me this why( favoured) thats why I have never regretted been an albino because am blessed in many ways I can’t easily find around me✌✌
The weak smile on my face defines my pain😭😭 but it gives me strength because
there are people out there who have got to know me behind my glow but still love me❤❤

This is the real me no edits💯
Albino child💜

See screenshots as the pretty Lady With Albinism Cries Out in a heart melting message.

More photos of the beautiful looking Queen Lyöns below:

friends left

This message should kept in the archives or even museums for posterity. If people were all like Queen Lyons we won’t be faced with numerous suicide cases today.
People need to learn to accept their nature.



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  1. Thank you so much for believing in me and also for the massive love, you have allow love to lead by Sharing my post and all I can’t mention
    thanks a million

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